Reddit bot – string cleanup

While working on a reddit bot I found myself in a bit of a pickle with strings and retaining the important information in them. The predicament is as follows; I follow youtube, vimeo and soundcloud url’s, extracting the titles used for the videos/sounds later to be used as search parameters in Spotify. When people create these […]

Initial Segmentation!

The project has reached a stage where the research can be shown as a proof of implementation. This demo showcases a segmentation technique extracted from three main research papers, all revolved around graph theory. As seen the tool is sensitive to placement of seeds and manipulation of weightings generated for the graph.   The initial results […]

Grass tool for Maya using Renderman

This is the result of an assignment to make a tool for Maya. The premise is for a user to be able to create grass on an object and output renderman RIB files. It creates and outputs the selected geometry and the generated grass as separate RIB archive files that can be used separate or […]

Dijkstra the short and greedy!

Dijkstra’s algorithm is one of many algorithm to find the shortest path from a source node to all other nodes on a graph. While it is not the fastest algorithm out there, it is one of the most documented and easiest to implement. It behaves like the breadth-first search algorithm in that it expands its […]

Installing new packages for Maya Python

You made some cool scripts for Maya and would like to, say write statistics data out so you can validate between versions, or visualize data so you understand what’s happening in your algorithm. Standard python has a couple of features to help you along, but you are destined to need a module or two. PyPI […]

Mesh as Graph

The approach I have chosen for mesh segmentation involves representing the mesh as a graph. This graph will allow for algorithms such as Dijkstra’s shortest path and Floyd-Warshall all-pair-shortest-path to be calculated. What is a graph? A graph is a set of nodes (depending on your convention you can call them nodes or vertices) connected […]

Major Project Features

For my Major Project I am creating a tool entitled “SplitIt”, which will be an implementation of Mesh Segmentation technique for Autodesk Maya. The fancy description of Mesh Segmentation, taken from one of the main research papers is as follows: The task of mesh segmentation is to decompose a mesh model into a set of disjoint […]


project structure While researching project structure and trying to develop my own I discovered this thread over at The thread served as my main research as I tried to condense it down to something logical. Key points are: strict naming conventions. project code structure. strategies on resources The format I am currently employing consists […]

Creative Skillset Showcase!

In good spirits with the showcase, taking place in London today I have finalized my preparations. Which includes bringing more breakdowns to show if the opportunity arises. while I am at it, might as well show Oliver Wests graduation animation which I took care of the rendering pipeline, setting up a linear workflow through Mental […]