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For my Major Project I am creating a tool entitled “SplitIt”, which will be an implementation of Mesh Segmentation technique for Autodesk Maya. The fancy description of Mesh Segmentation, taken from one of the main research papers is as follows:

The task of mesh segmentation is to decompose a mesh model into a set of disjoint pieces whose union corresponds to the original model.

Lai, 2008, Fast Mesh Segmentation using Random Walks

A production example would be to receive a mesh from a photogrammetry process (this mesh will always be one mesh with all features connected together) or a mesh from a sculpting package. For further use in packages such as Maya you would want a higher management of the model, for example if you have created a  model of a building facade you would want the ability to affect individual elements (window frames, doors, bricks of the building). The suggested tool would be able split up the mesh into logical pieces.

The tool will work on this mesh obtained from different sources and split it up based on user interactivity and settings. Current planned features are:

– user selected face(s)  as seed points (coarsely selecting features you want the tool to recognise).

– change settings for how sensitive the tool is for edges.

– combine multiple recognised regions.

I would appreciate feedback on features and thoughts about the project!


Jens Hansen

2 thoughts on “Major Project Features

  1. Oh wow. This sounds truly inspiring work. I can wait to see further updates. What is the workflow going to be? Are you going to have the software do a rough attempt and then let the user use these results as a starting point for improvements.
    Can’t wait to see how this progresses!
    Awesome (smiley face)!

  2. Love the idea.
    One thing I would like to know

    How will this effect UV space.

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