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While researching project structure and trying to develop my own I discovered this thread over at The thread served as my main research as I tried to condense it down to something logical. Key points are:

  • strict naming conventions.
  • project code structure.
  • strategies on resources

The format I am currently employing consists of a projects main folder  for every project, no matter how small of a project. The project naming convention consists of the current year plus a three digit padding then the project name itself. i.e.


Then the data generated for the project will be under the project code followed by a category code and then name of the asset:

(research papers to read for the project, hence “rp”)


the folder structure now looks like:


If one manages to follow a naming convention its becomes easier to apply SVN and keep a backup structure!

workflow software


If you are working in windows it’s worth investing some research into a new file explorer. The amount of time wasted going through file directories and trying to remember which window you needed is insane. Personally I’ve fallen for CubicExplorer which has the essential stuff like tabbed browsing, good bookmark organisation and a clear tree view. Other popular file explorer alternatives are Total Commander which delivers the same functionality and a bit more. There are also guides on changing the default explorer for windows to the desired one.


Download it and love it. This small program takes the functionality of win key + arrows (moving of windows around the screen real-estate) and pumps it with steroids. The default hotkey of the program is ctrl+alt + numpad (1-9) and just makes your life easier when working with multiple programs at the same time.

Sublime Text

Text editors are a hot topic, and of course everybody has notepad++ installed as a default editor for viewing and quick editing. And then a bigger package for development like eclipse or visual Studios. But playing around with Sublime Text its easy to see why it should be installed alongside the normal workflow. Its beautiful to look at, intuitive to work with and powerful through its python api. This lets plugins for Maya be developed so you can use Sublime as a quick development environment

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  1. Naming conventions and structures are often overlook but they’re so useful once a project develops larger and is spread between a team. Also +1 for Sublime Text (love it!).

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